Stealing my Mother’s Cup of Tea

My mother has been making us laugh a lot recently. Just last night, when I offered to give our take-away / doggie-bag dinner to a homeless (and legless) man who was begging for money, my mother shreiked, “No, That’s Mine! I want it for dinner tomorrow night!” I ignored her shreiks and offered it to him, but he apparently felt so bad that he withdrew his hand, and said, “No, I think she wants it.” Indeed, she did.

So, today, when I tried to have a sip of tea, she did the same thing. I tried once again, but this time with my phone recording video. I let the video speak for itself.

2 thoughts on “Stealing my Mother’s Cup of Tea”

  1. so that is how you will sound 30 years down the line, a bit scary, I must say I have seen your progression you are well on your way there 🙂

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