(Not So) Stinky Stony

Some people get inspired by modern dance. To me it looks like a lot of people who no longer have the energy to jump around watching a bunch of people jumping around. Same for opera – fat people watching fat people sing.

But I do get inspired by weird, unusual, or eccentric ideas, or any idea that seems to be outside the mainstream cultural theme.

So when I read about some lady who stopped washing her hair I thought, cool! I read up a bit more, and figured I’d go the whole hog. No more soap, shampoo, or conditioner, and I feel great and (apparently) look and smell normal. It’s been 10 days now, and I ain’t going back!

The routine is simple – get in the shower, and let the very hot water wash over me and my scalp. This is Europe, where everyone has shower heads that come off the wall, so you can aim them anywhere that particularly needs a good soaking, like your armpits or various nether-regions.

I then take some baking soda, get it a bit wet, and massage my scalp with the baking soda – this acts as the shampoo. I wash that out and put diluted apple cider vinegar into my hair, keeping it there for a few minutes – this acts like conditioner. I wash everything off, hop out of the shower, and am ready to go!

My hair smells a little bit like apple cider vinegar while drying, but once dry has no odor whatsoever. And I think my scalp is happier with all the massaging, and I seem to have less dandruff or a desire to scratch it. I’m curious how this will effect the usual dry skin I get in the winter on my arms as the months go on and the air gets colder.

For all of you who think I’m nuts, why not try it? Give it a week or two and see what you think.

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