(Not So) Stinky Stony – 4 Months In!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, a while ago I stopped washing my hair with shampoo and switched to baking soda, with diluted apple cider vinegar as conditioner. And I stopped using soap, and instead just cleaning my skin with my daily hot shower – though I do occasional use shower gel on various nether-regions.

This has now been going on four whole months, and I thought I’ve given a little update. I’m honestly surprised at the result – I smell less. Yes, the last thing in the world I expected to happen, but I have less armpit BO than I’ve ever had before.

My only guess is that my skin has a happier balance, or PH, or whatever. And my hair is also happier, definitely feeling less greasy in the morning. I think my hair is most fashionable the day after a thorough baking-soda-vinegar washing, i.e. with one night’s sleep.

The only other surprising side effect is that I’ve gotten to like the smell of vinegar (which you can only smell in my hair the first few minutes out of the shower when I’m still wet), and I occasionally have a glass of water with a little shot of vinegar in it. Hey – Hippocrates used it, so why not me?

The only challenge is getting Bragg quality apple cider vinegar in the UK. But I found Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste in Waitrose, so it can’t be far off…

2 thoughts on “(Not So) Stinky Stony – 4 Months In!”

    1. I’m sorry, Lauren. Perhaps you could start with the no-soap, but still use shampoo and conditioner. Psst – don’t tell your housemates. If they never ask, it must be working!

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