Cross Country Road Trip

My good friend Geetesh was offered a job in San Diego, California, and decided to drive there to see America. I wasn’t doing anything for a week, joined him, and we were invited to join Rosanne en route, in San Francisco. Due to time constraints, we had 2 days to make it across America.

Geetesh and I had a leisurely start of blueberry pancakes at my mom’s house before heading north to I-80, which runs from New Jersey to San Francisco, so we weren’t expecting to get lost. After about 5 hours of trying to nap in the Penske box truck with its featured ‘bucket seats’ I realized that try as I may, I wasn’t going to sleep a wink in them. Driving on no sleep for two days meant likely death (either me crashing or Geetesh killing me out of irritability) so we stopped in a Loews hardware store and picked up a full sized hammock.

We rigged a plastic flap open for air, made sure we had our cellphones on, and after further jury-rigging in the back of the truck, we had a working hammock (you can see it in the top picture). One of us was able to sleep soundly in the back-at least from sundown to mid-morning. Any other time it heated up like an oven.

We stopped in North Platte, Nebraska, had Mexican food and took pictures of ourselves in front of the giant . . . whatever it was. I slept through Salt Lake city, but Geetesh work me up for the Great Salt Lake. I was enamored by a cute bartender in Wyoming, remember crossing the Ohio (or was it the Mississippi?) river, but all the rest is mostly a blur. We arrived in San Francisco 56 hours after we had started.

Rosanne showed us around the city and took us out for Sushi. Someone broke into the truck while it was parked in San Fran, stealing two boxes. It wasn’t until Geetesh unpacked everything 4 days later he could figure out what had been stolen. A computer monitor (no big deal) and, crushingly, his mother’s homemade pickle. I imagine some thief in San Francisco has a big jar of spicy Lime Pickle and is still trying to figure out where to hawk it.

We drove down from San Francisco, amazed by the beauty of the Pacific Coast, and arrived in San Diego. Geetesh’s apartment was quickly furnished by a trip to Ikea, but that gave it a soulless, depressing look, so we went to garage sales. You show up to a garage sale in an empty box truck, people figure you mean business! We bought some artwork that I didn’t realize were missing the color red until later that year, after I sat through a semester of Art History. At least I learned something there. Even though the paintings were almost all blue, they were still worth the $1.25.

Online Album of these and a few more pictures here.

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