Traveling Questions

Every time I travel I’m always presented with so many questions. Few of them are profound, but they press on me nonetheless.

Why is beer so different (and so much better) in some places? Why does the same hold true for pretty girls?

Why do some countries insist on the light-switch being inside the bathroom, and other countries on the outside? Are they aware of the delight 3 year old children take in turning off the light while you are in the bathroom?

Why do some countries have squat toilets and others sit toilets? Have you ever tried to purchase a squat toilet in America? It’s hard – I tried pricing them online, and couldn’t get anywhere other than a few stainless steel models from China, but no decent ceramic ones could be found.

Why do Austria and Germany (and perhaps other countries too) take such an interest in allowing you to examine your ‘deposit’ in the bathroom? The hole is at the front of the toilet, and the back (where US-style toilets would have the hole) instead has a shelf, where anything dropped remains until you flush it. Am I supposed to examine my fecal remains?

Ah, the beauty and vagracies of travel.

One thought on “Traveling Questions”

  1. Those are the old toilets that are still around in Austria. But now they have the kind where the shit sinks immediately in water. However, you can still have a look at it if you fancy that

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